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The Broadway Blog - -Tisa Chang, Founding Artistic Producing Director of PAN ASIAN REPERTORY THEATRE, announces its 41st Season in 2018 expanding on themes of social justice and historical amnesia with World Premiere of DAYBREAK and special return of NO-NO BOY.  

Tickets available after Feb 10, 2018 at telecharge.com
  The 41st Season will begin the company's multi - year process for growth and transition to embrace epanded leadership towards a visionary new furture with national and international collaborations.

DAYBREAK is a powerful new play that hightlights Armenian-American history. Set in three time periods, the play is inspidered by the true stories of two women friends, survivors of the Armenian genocide and using memory, dreams, music, carries the story of these women into the 21st century future to celebrate the endurance of the human spirit.

Playwright Joyce Van Dyke says, "Throughout the play, dreams overtake the "reality" of the action...that the impact of genocide does not just break human bonds... it ruptures time and space. It;s the most ambitious and experimental play i've written, both in its dream-play form and in its creative process, composed from first-person testimonies, dreams, and primary source material. It;s also by far the biggest play I've written, in the number of characters, time-span, subject, and setting (two continents and a dream- world). The play is both intimate and epic."

Theatre Pizzazz - -"This is a riveting, uplifting production that is not to be missed."

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Aizzah Fatima as Zahida

Gulshan Mia as Jamila

Shetal Shah as Jannat Bibi

Salma Shaw as Marium